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Revital Blum Architecture and Interior Design was founded in 1990, with a desire to introduce and develop the ‘Absolute Planning’ method. This unique technique, which aspires to merge all given objects within their spatial surroundings, leads Revital in all her design works, which is never based on a particular pattern or formula, but is rather attentive to the client’s ever-changing personal wishes and desires. In this attentive process, an inevitable bond is formed with the client, enabling Revital’s ‘Holistic Design’ approach that encompasses all aesthetic aspects of a home—from artificial and natural lighting, careful placing of ornaments, interior compositions, and exterior landscaping and gardening.


With nearly three decades of experience, Revital attempts to engage more people with their home design, by offering short consulting meetings. These allow for mutual brainstorming, sketching of ideas, and inspiration.


Revital’s motto: “A truly harmonious design elevates the spirit and the mind”

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